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29th April 2018

Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Our Annual Meeting to elect officers and members to the Parochial Church Council (PCC), receive reports on the church finances and other activities, and to consider together where God is leading us in the year ahead.

All are invited to attend and take part in discussions, only those who are members of the church Electoral Roll are eligible to vote.


Family Communion
10:00- 11:15
A relaxed formal service of Holy Communion according to the Anglican Church's Common Worship. We are delighted to welcome all who wish to join with us, young or old, and welcome any who usually receive communion in their own church to do so with us also.

On the second and fourth Sunday of the month our Sunday Club meets in the Church Rooms for those children who might find it challenging to be in Church for the entire service. The children join us in Church for the administration of communion and the final part of the service, sharing with the rest of the congregation what they have been learning in Sunday Club.


Sunday Club
9:45- 11:15
Starting in the South Room, Holy Trinity Church Rooms, informal, fun activities and teaching for children aged 3 upwards. Joining the adult congregation in Church for the administration of Communion (at approx. 11am).


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